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TFP Megatron, Soundwave, and Ravage on the mirror flats
 Hi, I'm Cade.

You may remember me from somewhere else, well it's likely some things happened between then and now. I've been on the internet for a long time. If you know the "real name" I used in the past don't call me by it. There are Reasons I don't use it any more.

Online, I'm primarily a fanartist and a fanfiction writer. I also make fanmixes. I've loved "furry" art since I joined Neopets in 2001 and the majority of my work focuses on nonhuman characters.

I take art commissions through

I'm not consistent with my online handles but "sinousine" is one of them.

I run a tumblr where I mainly shitpost, a tumblr for aesthetics, a tumblr where I post art, and another tumblr where I post about Transformers.

I don't like to talk about my personal life to people who aren't in my circle, so you'll have to be added by me to learn more.

I also have a nsfw blog for fetish material, but you must ask for the URL or find it first. Due to the fan culture on Tumblr, I'm shy about posting about any sexual subjects past a certain level of "tameness".

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Many years ago (in the faraway land of 2001), an anime called Noir aired on TV, about two assassins wrapped up in an ancient prophecy. Yuki Kajiura composed the soundtrack for it, bringing classic songs like "Canta per Me", "Salva Nos", and "Lullaby" into being.
A CD called Blanc dans Noir was released with the voice actors singing alternate versions of soundtrack songs in Japanese.

"Lullaby" was one of these songs.

Many years later I took Japanese classes and am able to decipher song lyrics to a degree that translations are possible.
I found that the translation for this song that exists on the internet wasn’t up to my taste (because translations are very much a reflection of the translator). Because this song is dear to me, I took a shot at it.
Forgive this amateur translator, but here’s my take on the lyrics.

The snow falling down
A quiet lullaby, a glimpse of your profile as you sing
Being locked in a tiny room -
I feel like I can call this love
Words are needless
Memories softened
Yet I don’t know peace of mind
I only wish to sleep in the place closest
Beside you
The snow falling down
A quiet lullaby burying the night outside
I don’t want to know sorrowful things
So please keep singing
Until dawn
Always like this

静かなララバイ そっと夜を埋めて

Yuki ga furu
Shizukana Lullaby utau awai yokogao
Toji komerareta chiisana heya wa
Ai to yoberu kiga shiteiru
Kotoba mo iranakute
Omoide ga yawaraide
Yasuragi nante shiranai kedo
Ichiban sokoni chikai bashode nemuritai dake
Anata no sobani iru
Yuki ga furu
Shizukana Lullaby Sotto yoru wo uzumete
Kanashii kotowa shiritakunaino
Dakara zutto utatteite
Yoakega kurumade
Zutto kono mama
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Content warnings: several of the song lyrics deal with depression and suicidal thoughts originating from childhood trauma. The backstory of both characters involves sexual trauma (including childhood sexual abuse) and/or incest. There are also non-detailed descriptions of sex in the introduction and yonic transgender imagery. Also one of the songs uses the word “crippled”.


The Boy Has Built a Catacomb

A music compilation

Being a companion to Ambrosia or “My boyfriend was fatally injured because I, wishing to live out my revenge fantasy against my father through him, convinced him it was a good idea to get in a fight with his asshole boss that he had no hope of winning, so now I must gestate him inside me until he is well again.”

[Listen] | Download


1.  Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows: Alone 
[Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows: Tales from the Inverted Womb]
Helium Vola: Je Chante par Couverture (I sing and pretend)
[Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows: Little Velveteen Knight]
[Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows: The Boy has Built a Catacomb]
[Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows: Totes Kind (Little Dead Boy)]
[Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows: Resume…-]
[Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows: La Prima Vez]
3.  Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows: Hello
[Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows: May I Kiss Your wound?]
4. Björk: Play Dead
5. Helium Vola: Dormi (Sleep)
6. Kate Bush: An Architect’s Dream
7. Nightwish: Élan
8. VNV Nation: Colours of Rain
9. Loreena McKennitt: Dante’s Prayer
10. Battlestar Galactica Soundtrack: Cally Descends
11. Madoka Magica Soundtrack: Cubilulum Album (White Bedroom)
12. Akira Soundtrack: Winds Over Neo-Tokyo
13. Revolutionary Girl Utena Soundtrack: Tsumi no Kajitsu (Forbidden Fruit)
14. Nightwish: Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan (Death Makes an Artist)
15. Revolutonary Girl Utena Soundtrack: Missing Link
16. VNV Nation: Nova (maestoso)


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A Unicron Fanmix
[Listen] | [Download]

Warnings: swearing (Cornucopia D’Amour), references to rape (Thanatos), unkind words for people who exchange sex for money (Thanatos), fire and brimstone religious references


1.    Revolutionary Girl Utena Soundtrack: Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery

2.    Corvus Corax: Custodes Sunt Raptores

3.    Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows: Cornucopia D'Amour (Füllhorn Der Liebe)

4.    Deine Lakaien: Dark Star

5.    Evangelion 3.33 Soundtrack: The Wrath of God in All Its Fury

6.    Dr. Fiorella Terenzi: Plasma Waves

7.    Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows: …And Bringer of Sadness

8.    Earthbound Soundtrack: Gigyas Suite

9.    Sound Horizon: Thanatos 

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Drift lying in water with waterlilies in it. The background is dark and there are stars in the sky. He is missing his Autobrand, replaced by an "X".


Art by Steelsuit
Links take you to lyrics.

 1. Rurutia - "Hallelujah"
2. Vienna Teng - "Enough to go by"
3. Yuki Kajiura - "Forget-me-not"
4. Fictionjunction YUUKA - "Honoo no Tobira" (Gate of Fire)
5. Dido - "Life for Rent"
6. Megumi Ogata - "Run"
7. JUDY AND MARY - "Sobakasu" (Freckles)
8. Shoko Nakagawa - "Snow Tears"
9. Miyuki Nakajima - "Akai Kawa" (Red River)
10. Anathema - "Temporary Peace"
11. Rin' - "Fuhen" (Ubiquity)
12. Birds of Tokyo - "Wild At Heart"

Explanations below:

"Hallelujah": The imagery in this song: calling wild animals, dirty (but sin-cleansing) rain, angels and demons, and a damned city remind me of Drift remembering his past as Deadlock. 

"Enough to go by": this song is about a drifter (ha) coming home after having travelled the world and achieved the making of things. I can easily imagine Drift coming home to Ratchet and trying to get him to see the flooded sky.

"Forget-me-not": A sweet piano piece with no words. It makes me think of a pensive Drift.

"Honoo no Tobira": This song is from Gundam Seed, a series about a war in space fought with giant, manned robotic suits. The imagery conjured by this song is romanticized war: flowers in the sky (explosions), flames fanned by the wind, rain falling on a city being bombed. Still, the protagonist pushes on to victory and the hope of a better future. They are frightened but must do this. "I'm taking off on a search for the seeds of hope, Towards the vanished horizon."

"Life for Rent": Drift doesn't have a place to belong or a place to call home. He had dreams once, but what happened to them? This song represents that kind of melancholy. 

"Run": Megumi Ogata is the voice I envision Drift having. She specializes in voicing young men, especially pretty long-haired boys with gentle personalities. It's really common for women to voice certain types of men in Japanese cartoons. Drift is exactly the type of young (lol) man. This song is about flying, and seeing a bright future for yourself. Reminds me of Crystal City and Drift meeting Wing and him having a future as a Good Guy tm.

"Sobakasu": Rurouni Kenshin is about Himura Kenshin, a samurai who has no master. He has a reputation as a "man slayer" because he used to be an assassin, but he devotes his life to protecting people. He's also gentle and ditzy. Doesn't that sound like Drift? Kenshin is voiced by a woman and also has the kind of voice I think Drift has. This is the opening song of Rurouni Kenshin. There's an English dub of this song with the fitting line "all the memories I have are beautiful in my mind, but they don't feed the hunger deep inside my soul". Actually this song is about a girl who broke up with her boyfriend, but still...

"Snow Tears": This song is about saying goodbye to someone you thought you'd spend your whole with. It's cold and it's winter, where things have died or lie dormant. I'm imagining this being about Gasket, or Turmoil.

"Temporary Peace": Drift would be lying in the waves, looking at the sky, at peace for the moment. The water washes over his frame. But there is a conflict on the horizon.

"Akai Kawa": I couldn't find an English translation of this song anywhere on the internet, so here's mine. It's not perfect, but at lets you know what the song is about:

どこへゆく どこへゆく 紅い河 
Where are you going, where are you going red river?
Flowing on and on at the will of time
浮かべた舟は どこへ運ばれる 
Where are you carrying my floating boat?
この心だけ 岸に置き去りに 
It's only this heart that's been stranded ashore

どこへゆく どこへゆく 紅い河 
Where are you going, where are you going red river?
Flowing on and on at the will of time
浮かべた舟は どこへ運ばれる 
Where are you carrying my floating boat?
この心だけ 岸に置き去りに 
It's only this heart that's been stranded ashore

私のあの人は もう私を忘れたの 
I have been forgotten by [him]
遠い彼方 もう私を忘れたの 
I'm far in the distance, [he's] already forgotten me
The color of the sky is reflected in the river
[His] heart is unseen
流れゆけ 流れゆけ あの人まで 
Flow river, flow, take me to him
さかのぼれ さかのぼれ あの人まで 
I’ll swim upstream, swim upstream back to him
どこへゆく どこへゆく 紅い河 
Where are you going, where are you going red river?
Flowing on and on at the will of time
浮かべた舟は どこへ運ばれる 
Where are you carrying my floating boat?
この心だけ 岸に置き去りに 
It's only this heart that's been stranded ashore
私のあの人は もう私を忘れたの 
I have been forgotten by [him]
遠い彼方 もう私を忘れたの 
I'm far in the distance, [he's] already forgotten me
The color of the sky is reflected in the river
[His] heart is unseen
流れゆけ 流れゆけ あの人まで 
Flow river, flow, take me back to him
さかのぼれ さかのぼれ あの人まで
I’ll swim upstream, swim upstream back to him

It's another song that's about having a lost love.

"Fuhen": This song is an emotional reflection on the nature of atonement. Things get lost, things get unspoken. It's difficult to describe. Drift is the "old man" wondering why children are born with the enormous burden of history on them.

"Wild At Heart": "I fought with many and I won for some" is key here. Drift has fought for the Decepticons. He's fought for the Autobots. He's done a lot of things he regrets and turned to substance abuse to deal with his pain. I think he's "wild at heart".


Oct. 8th, 2014 01:50 pm
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"Starscream, you’re telling me a fairy tale."

The suddenness of the interruption caused her to drop the datapad. She caught it between her legs before it fell on the floor and quickly placed it back in her hands. Seated in a chair facing the seeker, Megatron was watching, red optics half-lidded, slumped into the padded cushions. Night had already fallen on Trypticon, and only the electric lights of the city - and those watchful red eyes - illuminated the darkness inside the house. Starscream had been ready to leave for the night when the Lord High Protector had asked for a bedtime story.

"Tell me one of those stories you’ve written."

Starscream stood, back straight and hands tensed in trepidation. She knew it was silly, that stories like this didn’t really happen, but she had barely begun and -

"Go on," the urged Lord High Protector, clearly amused. Those rows of sharp teeth were bared in a friendly smile.

Picking up the datapad, and finding the place where she left off, she continued to read the story she had written. The light from the datapad cast shadows on her hawk-face - although she felt like a pigeon perched on a live electric line.

"Arael flapped low over the canyon. It was icy cold, and the sun had set on this part of the world. The sky was an inky blue, with faint, ice-frosted clouds the crescent of a white moon hanging in its expanse. Steam rose from her luminous wing-extensions where it met the ice in the air as she surveyed the landscape of this unfamiliar planet.  There was no sign of the enemy - only the stillness of the frozen surface of the sea. She knew that she could not return empty-handed, for she had been personally tasked to retrieve the Bell Jar…"

Starscream turned away from the datapad to look at Megatron once more. The Lord High Protector had placed her left hand under her chin. In the dim light Starscream could still see every sharp edge and armor plate - the crown of gleaming silver, the lines that formed two sturdy, strong legs. Megatron reminded her very much of the Ice Queen in the story, seated in a castle of crystal and surrounded by an army summoned from the dark ocean below.

Starscream peered through the entrance of the berth room. Megatron had fallen asleep, slumped against the cushions of the berth. Soundwave was curled on top of her companion, arms tenderly wrapped around the other’s waist. Their bodies stirred slightly, chests rising and falling with slow, even breaths. Soundwave’s biolights were pulsing a warm off-yellow.

Seeing as her presence was no longer needed here, Starscream turned and walked away, taking care as not to wake the sleeping couple. She closed the door behind her and grabbed the package in the corner of the foyer. It was a short flight to her apartment. She did not mind sleeping alone.

When Starscream looked upon Megatron and Soundwave, it was as if an drab gosling were regarding a pair of graceful swans through the rushes of the riverbank. She could hobble to the water’s edge, and swim to where the two of them were, straining to catch up with her short legs. But when the two took flight - their wings strong, their feathers long and gleaming - she could not follow with her two stumps for wings or deign to show her short neck and grey down.

And why wouldn’t she think of herself as so young, so inadequate? When she could barely speak or think, when her creche parents could hold her in one arm - these two had sat on their veranda, hands clasped against each others, watching a city being built. Within these two lay a lifetime of experiences that Starscream could only hope to one day possess.

How many had Megatron crushed underneath her feet? How many foes vanquished under her blade? Here was one whose reputation far preceded her: Megatron had torn mechs twice her size limb from limb, and brought the cities of Cybertron under the banner of the Primes. Starscream could easily believe that Megatron’s gaze could penetrate minds - one look, and anyone she beheld was petrified in fear, feeling no stronger than a nymph, newly-emerged from its egg. When she looked into the Lord High Protector’s eyes she felt as if the other could know every lie she had ever told, every mistake she had made, every dirty secret she had ever kept -

And there was Soundwave. The mech was a little over half of Starscream’s height, but radiated a grace that could not be matched. She was an airframe from a different age, who could dive and circle through the air with such nimbleness. Her entire form was pleasing to look upon: face slender and pointed, high cheekbones and silver mandibles, ornate wings that could catch the energy of the sun, the blue speakers on her arms and chassis. 

Astride each other, face to face, they were image of consummate love - of this the airframe had no doubt. Their private world was a place she had only took a single step through the door. She would need to wash the mud from between her toes and polish the armor plates of her front and back until they gleamed, refine the cadence of her speech, walk with broad her shoulders raised and back straight, cultivate her mind in every manner - only then would she be allowed inside.

The Temple
Starscream stood amongst the sculpted angels in the temple - the ones with unmoving mouths and dead, pupiless eyes. Tall and gaunt, they possessed wings with many prongs, like she had seen on antique cruisers.

Each angel wore a peaked crown, like the spires of a tall tower. Their mouths were lined with rows of jagged teeth, making them all the more fearsome. The way the skylights - for this was a temple built for the new age, one that would let in the light of Sentinel Prime’s sun - illuminated them evoked the presence of heavenly might.

The angels lined the path to the central dais, a straight path set with blue tiles and radiating lines in gold.

Megatron stood in front of the empty alcove representing Primus, looking as if she were a statue of a terrible angel come to life. She knelt before the alcove, occupied in prayer. Beside her, Soundwave was doing the same, silver and blue wings folded at her sides. Starscream’s gaze fell on both of them. She wondered if there was a being, watching beyond space and time, who could read her every thought. Who knew how her eyes lingered on the curve of silver shoulder plates, the ridge of a broad back, long, slender fingers…Ah, her thoughts were far from chaste.

Starscream felt so very small in the vastness of this place. The ceiling soared above her, engraved with impressions of constellations and star-lanes set in burnished gold.

Primus and the heavenly host were silent. If she could ask aloud “is there anyone here?” she would be greeted with only an echo.

Uranus' Dream
A searing rain covers the city, towers and sky bridges black and still all around them.

It is twilight, and hazy blue-green washes over everything. The air is hazy and warm, the rain hissing as it hits the pavement.

The Empress is kissing her, the long fingers of left hand wrapped around her waist. It is gentle, the Empress embracing her, the other hand cupping her chin as if this were a fable and she were a flower-maiden.

Uranus sighs, shuttering her eyes in the moment. She kisses the Empress back, gazing at the other's quicksilver face - the jagged geometry high cheekbones the eyes the color of smoldering embers.

Behind them the Empress's followers look on, only their dark silhouettes and the red glow of their eyes visible in the gloom.

Their eyes are on her, and Uranus' core swells with pride knowing this. Because the Empress has made Uranus her bride and she has never been so in love before she feels like melting in the other's arms the Empress has chosen her and she no longer feels like a drab house sparrow and the ground comes away beneath them and the followers blur into the wash of a watercolor painting and it is just them.

They are floating in the blue-green of the sky, and rising higher, higher. The two of them are weightless, and Uranus' hands clutch the Empress' as they hurtle, spiralling across the labyrinthine metal landscape of the world.

Uranus feels strong wings on her back and the blue fire of thruster engines propelling her forward through the air. The Empress has assumed the form of a majestic silver ship and they fly belly to belly, contrails streaking behind them.

They are so close that she feels the two of them merging together, like paint running in thick rivers on the canvas.

Megatron was dead, and the communications officer had the nerve to declare that it was a temporary state of affairs.

And Soundwave thought she was ruled by her emotions! What stubborn faith. Stupid, stupid. There was an army to raise, and leading to be done and of course the Fallen to guide them.

Soundwave had not returned to the Nemesis for months, believing that there was a way on Earth to revive their fallen leader. She was hooked into every major communications channel used by the natives of the planet, having little time to rest.

Starscream visited her frequently, shuttling between the Nemesis and Earth while avoiding detection by the Autobots and their human allies. Soundwave was talkative, and speaking to her was like speaking to several Cybertronians at once.

Soundwave had developed a fondness for human movies, which she would describe to Starscream in great detail, sometimes too quickly in her excitement. Tiny flesh beings taking down giant monsters by wit and willpower, fleshlings with weapons too large for their small hands and egos too large for their tiny bodies, car chases, lovers separated by death, only to be miraculously reunited by some mystic force…music, lights, garish colors…

Her objections - that as the current leader of the Decepticons there it was better give up on Megatron - were drowned out by a human song played through the commlink. Increasingly, Soundwave loved to communicate this way.

 It was one of those songs about a female of the native species defending her love for her sub-standard mate. Starscream knew exactly why she picked it, but that didn’t make it any less aggravating.

Primus, how long would it go on like this?


No sooner had Megatron breached the surface of the water was she greeted by a familiar voice over the commlink.

There was no mistaking Soundwave - the cacophony of different voices that Soundwave spoke in was like a room full of drones speaking at once. A monotone voice delivered a report of the events that had transpired since the launch of the Nemesis, the battle in Mission City, Starscream’s stint as leader; another datastream reported their their current coordinates and trajectory, wind speed, air temperature. It was so much to take in at once, but Cybertronian minds were equipped to ingest and process such a deluge of information.

Megatron had changed into a silver spaceship, and was quickly gaining velocity as she ascended through the sky. Soon she would leave this planet’s atmosphere. She knew Soundwave was there, orbiting Earth, patiently observing.

"I am relieved to learn that you are alive and well, Lord Megatron."

This was Soundwave’s “true” voice, deep and rumbling. And it was obvious her communications officer was relieved that Megatron had cheated death.

It had been a long time since she heard Soundwave speak in this way, barely able to contain feelings of relief. It was a hand reaching through the ice that imprisoned her for too long.

"I too am relieved that you still function, Soundwave."

They exchanged many more words through the comm channel. Regarding the Star Harvester, the emergence of The Fallen, the Nemesis, Starscream -

Megatron wished that they could spend more time like this, but there were urgent matters at hand, and a certain second-in-command to chastise. As she breached the outer atmosphere, she paused long enough to regard Soundwave, who had taken on the form of satellite. For a moment they looked at each other, and then Megatron sped off into deep space.


The seeker knelt down beside Megatron, who had drifted into sleep. 

Starscream palmed one of Megatron’s long claws, which was corroded with rust. It was attached to an equally filthy arm, the plates and cables inelegantly bunched together. Slumped against a pile of crates, Megatron reminded her of one of a human laborer whose body had been tempered by years of hard toil and drink - stout chest and limbs like pillars. She looked at the sleeping visage of her Master, at the gaping hole the Prime had blown through her once gleaming silver helm. The rim of the wound was blackened, and minute things crawled through it.

It was difficult to believe that once she had thought Megatron to be some kind of - some kind of angel - that was the word wasn’t it? The inhabitants of this planet conjured images of beings like themselves, wreathed in the wings of predatory birds and wearing discs of light.

Well then, Starscream still had wings, but Megatron could no longer fly. If there had been a time when this so-called angel had scoffed at the dirty bird at her feet, it was no more - the angel had turned into a Mack Truck.

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[ Listen ]

Content warnings: depersonalization & unreality (stolen thoughts, the bomb)
Feeling: buzzing, humming, pulsing - cold and calculated, melancholy

1. Bjork - The Modern Things
2. Helium Vola - Omnis Mundi Creatura
3. Neuroticfish - The Bomb
4. Venus Hum - Wooly Snow
5. .hack//sign OST - Secret Project
6. Funker Vogt - Stolen Thoughts
7. Mother 2 Soundtrack - Kraken of the Sea
8. Covenant - Atlas
9. Deine Lakaien - Where You Are
10. Assemblage 23 - Damaged
11. Tori Amos - Digital Ghost

Italics indicate where lyrics were translated into English.
Lyrics inside )
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A Megatron/Soundwave playlist

Art by Anjian

The concept behind this: a call and response. The odd numbers on this playlist represent Megatron's viewpoint. The even numbers represent Soundwave's viewpoint. For some of the odd songs, it is them in unison.

italics denote where lyrics were translated into English
Cut for size )
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Waveform image from here.
Telephone wire image from
(Italics indicate where lyrics were translated into English)

Tracklisting and lyrics inside the cut )
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Bear Mcreary and Raya Yarbrough - Apocalypse: Blood and Chrome. 2. E Nomine - Zorn, Die 12 Verbotenen Tone 3. Shiro Sagisu - Angel of Doom 4. Regina Spektor - 20 Years of Snow 5. Jeff Wayne - The Red Weed 6. Yuki Kajiura - Requiem for the Evil 7. The Dresden Dolls - the Gardener 8. Yuki Kajiura and Emily Bindiger - To Nowhere 9. Rasputina - a Retinue of Moons/the Infidel is Me 10. Peter Gabriel - a Different Drum 11. Helium Vola - Zur Heilung 12. Bjork - Bachelorette 13. Maaya Sakamoto - 空気と星

[ Listen ] [ Download ]
lyrics )
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1. Nightwish - Romanticide 2. Dear Hunter - The Tank 3. My Chemical Romance - Helena 4. Nine Inch Nails - The Becoming 5. Eisbrecher - Frage 6. Tool - Stinkfist 7. Gazelle Twin - I am a Shell I am a Bone 8.Marilyn Manson - Disassociative 9. Course of Empire - Automatic Writing #17 10. VNV Nation - Chrome 11. Nightwish - Beauty of the Beast
[Listen] [Download]
lyrics )
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[ Listen ] [Download]

1. Bjork - Army of Me 2. The Cranberries - Hollywood 3. Liz Phair - Flower 4. Garbage - Bad Boyfriend 5. Muse - Undisclosed Desires 6.Chicago Movie Soundtrack - Razzle Dazzle 7. Moulin Rouge! - Sparkling Diamonds 8. Moulin Rouge! - One Day I’ll Fly Away 9. The Editors - Papillon 10. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb 11. Emilie Autumn - Take the Pill 12. Vast - Last One Alive

Disclaimer: the relationship is unhealthy, so the lyrical content of some of the songs is pretty vulgar.
Lyrics )
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Maytime is brief
Listen ] | [ Download ]
1. cyua - blumenkranz
2. yoko kanno - stamina rose
3. helium vola - ray gun
4. lorde - everybody wants to rule the world
5. chikayo fukuda - aura’s theme
6. garbage - #1 crush
7. stu phillips - cassiopeia and starbuck
8. amanda palmer - the point of it all
9. hannah fury - girls that glitter love the dark
10. yuki kajiura - decretum
11. shiro sagisu - rei I
12. kate bush - get out of my house
13. helium vola - maienzeit
14. hungry lucy - bed of flames
15. bear mcreary - the differently sentient

Alternate universe scenario: the Sith and the nature of their grand scheme is different. For nearly a millennia, the Sith have been an order of exclusively women - witches so to speak. They have been influencing the state of affairs from the shadows, without overt violence or flash. The Sith wish to re-write the laws of the ill-conceived universe they live in, and to do this they must find Star Children - beings with a reality-warping immunity to death - and the Chosen One, the bright Star of Might who will bring balance to the Force.

Qaian jai Sheelal spent her childhood on Kalee fighting vicious alien invaders called the Yam'rii, and vowed to make it so that they would never again hurt the ones she loved - even if it meant exterminating an entire species. The Jedi Order and the Republic put an end to those plans, and Kalee suffered terribly for it. Working for the Intergalactic Banking Clan as a collections agent, she became privy to the excesses and sins of the galaxy at large. Mortally wounded in space shuttle crash, she was forced to make a pact with the Devil - and her body was turned into a weapon.

Jaris Dooku left the Order that she served for 70 years of her life, having grown disillusioned with its complacency in the corruption rampant in the Galactic Republic. She was taken under the wing by Deloris Palpatine, a Sith Reverend Mother who maneuvered herself into the position of Chancellor of the Galactic Senate. Using her vast inheritance as a Countess of Serenno and her years of experience as a Jedi, Countess Dooku created a secession movement within the Republic and gathered Star Children to be her generals.

Sheelal and Dooku have a fated meeting when Soong Hill of the Intergalactic Banking Clan presents the Qaian as a "gift" - a foil to Dooku's growing influence in the Separatist movement and a companion in her solitude. Dooku is taken aback by Sheelal's appearance but acknowledges that Qaian is one of the Star Children and has talents essential to the New Order. Dooku proves herself to be unlike any Jedi or "offworlders" that Grievous has ever met - Jaris is familiar with the ways of the Kaleesh, having being assigned to train the Kaleesh Kolkpravis to fight a proxy war against the Bitthaevrians some 40 years prior and having read Sheelal's personal file thoroughly. 

Unlike the detached Jedi, she encourages her proteges to unleash the power of emotions - anger, fear... Jaris was one of the greatest assets to the Jedi Order, and so she teaches Qaian what she knows about the Jedi - their habits, their swordfighting arts, their weaknesses, all so that she may become the White Knight who brings about their destruction.

Sheelal is introduced to the galaxy at large under a name she chose to use in front of offworlders - Grievous.

Under the auspices of Reverend Mother Sidious, the two plot to bring about a New Order - without considering the lives they destroy in the process and without knowing they are pawns to Sidious' plans.
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(Art by Yvie Chen)
On the Silk Road
an Axis Powers Hetalia
Roman Empire x China fanmix

1. Vienna Teng: Blue Caravan
2. Helium Vola: Blow Northerne Wynd
3. Carl Off: Veris leta facies
4. Picture of Primitive Hunting: 山鬼 “Mountain Spirit”
5. Bjork: Unravel
6. Synaulia: Etruria
7. Covenant: We Stand Alone
8. VNV Nation: Beloved
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Vienna Teng: Blue Caravan

He said:
"Go where you have to
For I belong to you until my dying day,"
So like a fool, blue caravan, I believed him
And I walked away

Oh, my blue, blue caravan
Oh, the highway is my great wall
My true love is man
Who never existed at all

Oh, he was a beautiful fiction
I invented to keep out the cold
And now my blue, blue caravan
I can feel my heart growing old

Helium Vola: Blow Northerne Wynd

I know a maiden in bower bright,
Who full fair is to sight,
Glorious maiden of might
Fair and free.
In all this noble multitude,
A woman of blood and birth.
I knew not ever
A more lovely one on earth.
Blow northern wind!
Send me my sweet one,
Blow northern wind! Blow, blow, blow!
From the Carmina Burana: Veris leta facies

The happy face of Spring comes to the world.
The army of Winter, conquered, is now put to flight.
In gay clothes Flora rules,
and she is praised by the sweet sound of the woods.
Stretched out in the lap of Flora Phoebus in his new way laughs
she is now covered with these gay flowers.
Zephyrus goes blowing the scent of nectar.
In competition for the prize let us run in the race of love.
Sweet Philomela accompanies her song with the lyre.
The fields, now bright, smile with gay flowers.
A flock of birds hop through the pleasant places of the wood.
A dancing band of girls now brings a thousand joys.

Bjork: Unravel

while you are away
my heart comes undone
slowly unravels
in a ball of yarn

the devil collects it
with a grin
our love
in a ball of yarn

he'll never return it

so when you come back
we'll have to make new love

Covenant: We Stand Alone

Stand before the gates and watch metropolis
Empires come and go we live forever
And eternity is in your hidden eyes
Take my broken wings teach me to fly again

We share the last champagne and watch necropolis
Still and so let's leave her to her silent walks
The sun of Rome is set and our day is gone
A kiss a taste of red from your open lips

I stand alone
We stand alone

VNV Nation: Beloved

we were once young and blessed with wings
no heights could keep us from their reach
no sacred place we did not soar
still greater things burned within us
I don't regret the choices that I've made
I know you feel the same

my beloved do you know
how many times I stared at clouds
thinking that I saw you there
these are feelings that do not pass so easily
I can't forget what we claimed was ours

moments lost though time remains
I am so proud of what we were
no pain remains, no feeling
eternity awaits
grant me wings that I might fly
my restless soul is longing
no pain remains, no feeling
eternity awaits
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