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A Unicron Fanmix
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Warnings: swearing (Cornucopia D’Amour), references to rape (Thanatos), unkind words for people who exchange sex for money (Thanatos), fire and brimstone religious references


1.    Revolutionary Girl Utena Soundtrack: Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery

2.    Corvus Corax: Custodes Sunt Raptores

3.    Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows: Cornucopia D'Amour (Füllhorn Der Liebe)

4.    Deine Lakaien: Dark Star

5.    Evangelion 3.33 Soundtrack: The Wrath of God in All Its Fury

6.    Dr. Fiorella Terenzi: Plasma Waves

7.    Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows: …And Bringer of Sadness

8.    Earthbound Soundtrack: Gigyas Suite

9.    Sound Horizon: Thanatos 

体内時計都市オルロイInternal Clock, Municipal Orrery
Within my body, from olden times,    
One hundred towers rise above         
A visceral landscape; Utopia   
In the cemetery, a church, a cloister

 Artificial flesh; grotta; Labyrinth; illusionary construction; marble
Artificial clock; weight; spring; spinning and turning; individual time

  I will take the form of a corporeal city         

  I shall take the form of a suspended clock


 The chime of a clock signals impending doom. Unicron transforming, body re-arranging into a massive, planet-spanning city. All around, an inhabited planet crumbles into rubble. The twelve Primes are “mere dolls” in the face of this might.


Custodes Sunt Raptores
In the fatherland of this world idolatry reigns
Everywhere spiritual gifts are for sale
The guards are robbers and the shepherds are wolves            
Princes and kings undermine the laws
With this uncertain home every man goes crazy
But in a moment these things will pass away with the wind

It is said that when a world has fallen into chaos and moral decay, Unicron will come and devour it.

Cornucopia D'Amour (Füllhorn Der Liebe)
I do not eat because I'm hungry,
though... this sometimes happens too,
I only eat because I'm lonely
and I got nothing else to do.

I recently discovered it's the perfect Way to pass the Time,
I'm wolfing down all kinds of Shit,
to fill the Emptiness inside.

I do not really go for Taste,
there's no such thing as 'good or bad',
I get no joy from eating food 'cause all things taste the same...- I'm fat.

 Being a planet eater is a lonely, hungry existence.

 Dark Star
Wandering about in a universe
Back and forth - torn
Strandgoods of the galaxies
Back and forth - torn
Exhausted, starved, yet still a hunter
Hidden, lurking behind some planets
in narrow lanes, in narrow lanes

A wandering star is spotted in the night sky. Could it be a travelling planet? An omen of the end? A subject that has fascinated poets and painters.



The Wrath of God in All Its Fury

So the wrath of god in all its fury has been unlocked to welcome the death of evil
and all it portrays in the eyes of the good and just
it shall be known that when the threat to mankind has been laid down to the lord
a sceptre of fire shall be driven through all its perpetrators

Primus sends himself to fight the Devourer. 

Plasma Waves
Radio waves out in the space, radiating outwards. With the right equipment they can be detected and modulated into eerie, mournful sounds.  All heavenly bodies emit these waves, including Unicron.

..And Bringer of Sadness
Oh Saturn, come ... devour me,
safe in your Darkness I long to sleep.
I'll make my heart a sword of steel,
I will not doubt, will never feel.
All petrified I shall not fear...
(... though petrified I'm breathing fear).
Oh Saturn, come ... devour me,
safe in your Darkness all shall be sealed!

A cult dedicated to the Devourer. One of many spread across inhabited space. If he should ever come to their world, they would offer themselves gladly. Into the gaping maw of oblivion, into the inverted womb. 

Gigyas Suite
Sounds from the belly of the beast.


The lord of Hades and the dead man's king 
The living are terrified by the real [god of death]

“Yes... I am death itself”

He loves the living[you] just as much as he loves the dead[us]
Be it an elderly or a youth, a poet or a hero, 
let them all scatter equally

Mother[Moira]... if you continue to bring forth life 
And inflict pain upon those frightened children, then...

Θ[Thanatos] will--
by killing all those that have life,
continue to bring them salvation

Unicron concludes that to end suffering, all of creation must perish. While Primus creates, he destroys.


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