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Art credit: Kokoko-sir

Listen Here

Warnings: slurs, swearing, sexual stuff, violence, dirty kinks

 1. Lady Gaga - Bloody Mary
2. Lana del Rey - Money Power Glory*
3. Bjork - Army of Me
4. The Cranberries - Hollywood
5. Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows - Powder
6. SZA - Wings
7. Seabound - Scorch the Ground
8. Rammstein - Stein um Stein
9. Emilie Autumn - Misery Loves Company
10. VNV Nation - Entropy
11. Scissor Sisters - I can't decide

Explanations inside the cut

1. "Love is just a history that they may prove. And when you're gone, I'll tell them my religion's you."
Starscream is a "loyal follower", sort of. Megatron is a prophetic figure. Remember when he prevented Megatron from accepting his death in MTMTE?

"Because I won't cry for you, I won't crucify the things you do. I won't cry for you, See, when you're gone, I'll still be Bloody Mary."

Starscream seems to be the kind to glad to be rid of Megatron, if he can do it "fairly" (remember All Hail Megatron?). Starscream won't defend Megatron's actions against a court but he relishes his position as Megatron's "Bloody Mary".

2. "You talk lots about God. Freedom comes from the call...But that's not what this bitch wants. Not what I want at all."
Megatron had a noble cause in the beginning. Did Starscream do it because he thought it was a worth cause? Or was he looking out for his own hide? Did he want money, power and glory?

3. Megatron is tired of giving Starscream second chances and having to bail him out when he undermines his lord. He is threatening force (an Army of Me) if Starscream keeps being a little shit.

4. This is a song about the two of them being in bed not being so romantic. Basically Starscream sleeps with him - "you'll always be there when I call."

5. "If you were a landscape love, a kingdom I came passing through, I'd reach down for my penis and urinate all over you." 

Starscream likes being pissed on. What can I say. In human AU's I can see him having a hard time from other boys growing up because he acted flamboyantly or had infatuations with other boys.

6. "Wouldn't you like to believe
I'm on the edge
I feel your palms on my back
You're murderous, you're murderous"
"When you're around, I feel it
When I'm alone, I feel the waves
Crashing, down down
Here in your arms, surround me
I feel your wings"
Now this is passionate love making music. Picked for the mention of wings.

7. "Fight for me 
How could you expect 
I grant normality 
Die for me 
'Cause if we fail 
I’d rather see you cold 
Than live without me 
I am the crack of your voice 
The static in the sound 
I am the bias in your choice 
I scorch the ground"

Megatron explains that Starscream would be nothing without him. Sexy song.

8. "I have plans big plans
I'm going to build you a house
Every stone will be a tear
And you'll never move out again
Yeah I'm going to build a little house for you
with no windows no door
It'll be dark inside
No light will get in at all"

Sometimes I think Starscream views Megatron as his "queen". Who he wants to kill, or "wall in". He has a dark fantasy of taking someone who is free and does as he pleases (Megatron) and ruining that person.

9. "I'm not for you
You're not for me
I'll kill you first
You wait and see
You devil undercover
You're not a prince
You're not a friend
You're just a child
And in the end
You're one more selfish lover"

There's a theory that Starscream is a prince in the TFP continuity. It's a popular fan theory. Megatron, however, was a miner from the pits. When he's angry he'll resort to pointing out that Starscream is another selfish spoiled brat. Who lets him down in the end.

10. "On the floor still nursing wounds."
I think this song conveys the sense of fear and agitation when Starscream is fresh from a beating. One where he tried to fight back.

11. "Oh, I could throw you in the lake
Or feed you poisoned birthday cake
I won't deny, I'm gonna miss you when you're gone
Oh, I could bury you alive
But you might crawl out with a knife
And kill me when I'm sleeping
That's why
I can't decide whether you should live or die
Oh, you'll probably go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry
No wonder why
My heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride"

Starscream thinks about the pros and cons of killing Megatron.


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