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Maytime is brief
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1. cyua - blumenkranz
2. yoko kanno - stamina rose
3. helium vola - ray gun
4. lorde - everybody wants to rule the world
5. chikayo fukuda - aura’s theme
6. garbage - #1 crush
7. stu phillips - cassiopeia and starbuck
8. amanda palmer - the point of it all
9. hannah fury - girls that glitter love the dark
10. yuki kajiura - decretum
11. shiro sagisu - rei I
12. kate bush - get out of my house
13. helium vola - maienzeit
14. hungry lucy - bed of flames
15. bear mcreary - the differently sentient

Alternate universe scenario: the Sith and the nature of their grand scheme is different. For nearly a millennia, the Sith have been an order of exclusively women - witches so to speak. They have been influencing the state of affairs from the shadows, without overt violence or flash. The Sith wish to re-write the laws of the ill-conceived universe they live in, and to do this they must find Star Children - beings with a reality-warping immunity to death - and the Chosen One, the bright Star of Might who will bring balance to the Force.

Qaian jai Sheelal spent her childhood on Kalee fighting vicious alien invaders called the Yam'rii, and vowed to make it so that they would never again hurt the ones she loved - even if it meant exterminating an entire species. The Jedi Order and the Republic put an end to those plans, and Kalee suffered terribly for it. Working for the Intergalactic Banking Clan as a collections agent, she became privy to the excesses and sins of the galaxy at large. Mortally wounded in space shuttle crash, she was forced to make a pact with the Devil - and her body was turned into a weapon.

Jaris Dooku left the Order that she served for 70 years of her life, having grown disillusioned with its complacency in the corruption rampant in the Galactic Republic. She was taken under the wing by Deloris Palpatine, a Sith Reverend Mother who maneuvered herself into the position of Chancellor of the Galactic Senate. Using her vast inheritance as a Countess of Serenno and her years of experience as a Jedi, Countess Dooku created a secession movement within the Republic and gathered Star Children to be her generals.

Sheelal and Dooku have a fated meeting when Soong Hill of the Intergalactic Banking Clan presents the Qaian as a "gift" - a foil to Dooku's growing influence in the Separatist movement and a companion in her solitude. Dooku is taken aback by Sheelal's appearance but acknowledges that Qaian is one of the Star Children and has talents essential to the New Order. Dooku proves herself to be unlike any Jedi or "offworlders" that Grievous has ever met - Jaris is familiar with the ways of the Kaleesh, having being assigned to train the Kaleesh Kolkpravis to fight a proxy war against the Bitthaevrians some 40 years prior and having read Sheelal's personal file thoroughly. 

Unlike the detached Jedi, she encourages her proteges to unleash the power of emotions - anger, fear... Jaris was one of the greatest assets to the Jedi Order, and so she teaches Qaian what she knows about the Jedi - their habits, their swordfighting arts, their weaknesses, all so that she may become the White Knight who brings about their destruction.

Sheelal is introduced to the galaxy at large under a name she chose to use in front of offworlders - Grievous.

Under the auspices of Reverend Mother Sidious, the two plot to bring about a New Order - without considering the lives they destroy in the process and without knowing they are pawns to Sidious' plans.

1) Blumenkranz

I want to be stronger,
because our world is very cruel
It is advisable to remove withered flowers

You ask me if I’ll go with you
You whisper in my ear
You ask me if I’ll take your hand
I have no reason to reject you

You ask me if I’ll go with you
You whisper in my ear
You ask me if I’ll take your hand

(You whisper to me)
Yes, I am much stronger than I ever thought
Fly higher!
Walk much faster!
Do not forget the truth!
Yes, I am much stronger than I ever thought
I remove withered flowers
Why do you look so sad?

This world is cruel
It is sad but true
This world is strange
It is questionable but true
Is the flower garden real or fake?

What do you want from me?
Like it or not, I have to pursue the enemy
I am not free from this world
No matter how hard you’re also
Flying higher!
Walking much faster!
You are very strong
You bind a wreath of flowers
Why do you look so sad?

2) Stamina Rose

3) Ray Gun
[Grievous' contempt for the elite of the Republic and for the Separatist council is palpable.]

Saw the top of the world, saw the noble
Like the vortex braying in the sea
Before Sicily
Saw the world’s abyss
Saw Crassus grubbing for silver
And the whole world’s gold

Ray Gun, get me along
And blow these fuckers right away
Ray Gun, get me along
And tell these dudes they have to pay
Global markets, global players
Blow out these fuckers on the spot
Foreign currencies, stock market
You close it down with a single shot

Over there in the pirate’s galley
Where the pest is raging, bad and harmful
Striking dawn the camels
Like mosquitoes the pack horks down
Like lions, only the big prey
Roars and tears apart with passion

4) Everybody wants to rule the world

It's my own design
It's my own remorse
Help me to decide
Help me make the most of freedom
And of pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world

There's a room where the light won't find you
Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
When they do, I'll be right behind you
So glad we've almost made it
So sad we had to fade it
Everybody wants to rule the world

5) Aura's theme
[The palace on Serenno has a grand rose window.]

6) #1 Crush

I will crawl on hands and knees until you see
You're just like me
Violate all the love that I'm missing
Throw away all the pain that I'm living
You will believe in me
And I can never be ignored

7) Cassiopeia and Starbuck
[The rose garden outside the palace is in bloom.]

8) The Point of it All
[Poor Grievous, pitiful creature, she thought.]

but while you were sleeping some men came around
said they had some dimensions to take
i’m not sure what they were talking about but they sure made a mess of your face

but still, no one can stare at the wall as good as you, my babydoll
and you’re aces for playing along
you’re almost human, even now

9) Girls that Glitter Love the Dark
[To be Sith is treachery.]

Girls that glitter deceive death
We thread ourselves through innocent flesh
And then we feign surprise when we see
That those we've loved to waste they seem to be erased

Knit it through, thread it, sew it to unsuspecting flesh
They won't regret it, or so they say
And those you have loved have snagged on your thorny veins
But they don't regret it, or so you say

10) Decretum
[The Countess, an idealist herself, has her white knight.]

11) Rei I
[The General has an existential crisis.]

12) Get out of my house
[Qaian's body is her house where uninvited guests, like Jedi, are not allowed.]

This house is as old as I am 
This house knows all I have done 
They come with their weather hanging 'round them 
But can't knock my door down 

13) Maienzeit

Heart-shaped leaves on the lime-tree
The green may dream
The nightingale was singing
Its sweet sound

Sang love, sang harm
Sang joy and sang sorrow
Life is long
But may time is short

The wonderful time was long ago
Withered is the green may
Nightingale does not sing anymore
The lime tree is empty

Love turns into harm
Love turns into sorrow
Life is long
But may time is short

Want to go into the garden
Where the last roses are
But o my, o my
There is the snow

Snow hurts
Snow brings harm
Life is long
But may time is short

14) Bed of Flames

Dirty conscience in my head
Naked dreams that go unsaid
You have put this fear in me
Why won't you just let me be

Leave me on this bed of flames
Life can never be the same
All that's left is guilt and shame
I'm not sorry

15) The Differently Sentient
[A war is brewing that will call many droids to the front. An in every war, there are leaders and commanders.]


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